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The Rules of Netball

The traditional form of the game is governed by 'The Rules of Netball' and other formats of the sport are derived from these.

As announced at INF Congress 2013 in Glasgow the INF Board took a strategic decision to make the Rules of Netball freely available online in order to assist the growth and development of the sport.

Copies of the full Rules of Netball in a range of languages can be downloaded here

INF’s Rules Advisory Panel (RAP) oversees the translation of rules based on strategic and identified need.

Summary downloads of The Rules are available below:

Further translations will be available as downloads as they become available


Fast5 Rules

INF's new and exciting format of the sport, Fast5 was launched 2012. Below are the Fast5 Rules as used in 2012.

The Rules are being adapted based on feedback and any updates will be available as downloads as they become available.



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